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Welcome to OSGeo!

We are a fun vibrant community that believes in sharing Open Source software related to making maps.

FOSS4G boat cruise, August 2016, Bonn, Germany

How to ask general questions about the Code-in

Send an Email of questions

  • subscribe to the "gci-discuss" mailing list here
  • ask your question, and usually within a day someone from the Code-in OSGeo team will reply

Ask on the #osgeo-gsoc IRC chat channel

  • IRC-channel: #osgeo-gsoc channel on
    • how to connect: choose your favorite IRC client, or go directly through your web browser with webchat
    • enter a nickname and click "I am not a robot" and press "Connect"
    • upon entering, ask your questions as you wish (no need to wait, just say "hello, I have a question about the Code-In, how do..."

Get to know the OSGeo Projects

The OSGeo foundation (