SAC Meeting 2018-08

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Where and When

Past this month

Thursday Aug 9th 2018 20 UTC


Talk about hardware plans

  • Our new hardware has landed, OSUOSL has already been instructioned to install Ubuntu 18.04
  • Need to fill in Wiki page and get started doing something with it SAC_Service_Status#osgeo_7.
  • We need to flesh out the setup details and start setting it up Osgeo7.

Notes: August 9

  • Looks like wildintellect working on getting his VPN account setup
  • requests/added to VPN access from strk, robe2, TemptorSent, Martin, jef
  • TemptorSent did have some good notes and links now added to the osgeo7 page on how to do the setup
  • VPN access is only needed to bootstrap using the IPMI.
  • are we asking OSUOSL to do the basic install or just stick a thumb drive in and we do it?
  • possible steps:
    • figure out the correct installer,
    • work out where to put the /boot with grub
    • ask OSUOSL to put in a flash drive with what we need
    • /boot can be any FS type technically, especially if it's not on the spinning rust
  • other option
  • there we can do a normal install to the SSD, then copy the install over to ZFS formatted drives


  • Board's request for sync+share storage replacement of Dropbox
    • TODO: robe - I really want to speed this up before handing to board to test after I will send a note to OSGEO board. Note we'll eventually move this to OSGeo7 once OSGeo7 server is set up

Notes August 9

  • Has anyone done any playing with nextcloud to see what we might need to tweak?
  • have to announce to the board, but really wanted to improve the speed cause it's really slow
  • coordinate with board to migrate their content from dropbox to nextcloud

Wiki LDAP integration

  • (how do we move forward) wrt to approaches what are we willing to put up with 165
    • TODO: Martin Spott and TemptorSent explore logistics of setting up a sandbox we can test.

Notes august 9:

  • Wiki - I haven't seen the database still
  • Martin had created a backup

OSGeo Website topics

- anything outstanding SAC needs to be involved in?

  • from last week:
    • TODO (sponsors): close the related issues with Jive.
      • Never saw Jive on the IRC
  • Gravatar is now used in following pages: members page, board page


august 9

  • robe2
  • markusN
  • TemptorSent
  • jef
  • wildintellect
  • cvvergara
  • jody


Next Meeting

Proposed Time: Thursday Aug 16th 2018 20 UTC

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