2007 Google SoC Project Milestones

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This page will be used to track the Milestones reached by each project particpating in the OSGeo Umbrella for the 2007 Google Summer of Code.

Project Information

Student Project Primary Mentor/Contact Alternate Mentor/Contact Subscribed To Project Mailing List Subscribed To OSGeo Mailing List Repository Access
Daniel Bundala GRASS - Line simplification & smoothing modules Wolf Bergenheim - Y Y N
Maximilian Maldacker GRASS - Shortest path in free vector space Wolf Bergenheim - Y Y N
Sample GDAL - - N N N
Sample GeoTools - - N N N
Christophe Rousson uDig Ian Turton - N Y N
Sample PostGIS - - N N N
Sample GeoServer - - N N N


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