2010 California Chapter Annual Report

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This wiki page has been set-up so we can collect information on chapter activities in 2010 for the OSGeo Annual Report. Please contribute and help Landon get the report put together.

Chapter Events

Member Activities

Landon Blake

  • Continued work on GPX2 module for Geotools.
  • Continued work with volunteer OSGeo Journal Team.

Ragi Burhum


  • Started the San Francisco GeoMeetup which has grown into a highly focused geo developer bi-monthly event with 450+ geo devs from various Bay Area big and small companies. The meetings can draw 100+ attendees and have had sponsorship from O'Reilly, SimpleGeo, CBS Interactive, xCubeLabs, Trulia, Eventbrite, etc. Our first meeting was an Introduction GIS and OSGeo by Ragi together with a presentation by Josh Livni from Google. The presentations usually heavily promote OSGeo. Brian has started to give away OSGeo Live DVDs as a prize to the correct answers to his Trivia Section of the GeoMeetup where he asks questions about the presentations - very amusing and highly effective!
  • Wrote and committed ArcObjects driver to GDAL
  • Wrote and committed FileGDB driver to GDAL
  • Brian and I have been working with local companies to create and solve complex practical problems for CA on top of Open Source GIS stacks in the CA government (like Caltrans).