2016 Key Topics

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  • Land Information
    • Land information comprises land access, tenure, farming, and conflict management in its broadest sense. It is a global and growing hot topic but as yet with little support from geospatial technology.
    • OSGeo has very good contacts and an MoU with GLTN (the Global Land Tool Network) and the World Bank (upcoming conference in March)
    • Invite keynote speaker (e.g. Klaus Deininger
  • Disaster Management
    • contact to BBK (Federal Agency of Germany, located in Bonn), UN Spider, UNOOSA and BICC (Bonn International Center for Conversion), also HOT OSM is involved, perhaps also DLR involved
    • perhaps this also might be part of "land information?
    • could be a key topic in sight of connectiong Land Information, OpenData and also Remote Sensing as an example?
    • How we do that?
      • they want to make at least one (better two) topic talks on "Open Data and Collaborative Mapping - Bridging the application - developer divide"
      • perhaps BOF in order to bring several organisations dealing with desaster management together
  • Remote Sensing
    • EARSEL Conference in Bonn in June
    • Copernikus as European Satellite program - Open Data
    • How we do that?
      • Keynote from ESA (Bianca Hoersch, Datam anger of Sentinel II)
      • TopicTalk on Copernikus (managed by Christian Strobl from DLR Munich)
      • potential sponsorship from ESA and also DLR (german aroespace agency)
  • Open Data
    • Open Data in the EU; what has been the effect of the EU directive on Open data
    • Open data / open source software / open standards. What is their relationship (e.g. is open data the fuel, whereas open source software is the (or: an) engine
    • Licensing: what is the impact of several open data license types: how to choose one, and how to use one
    • How we do that?
      • one in the series before the core programm (as a "open data tasting session"),
      • after that participant can hack their way through the data,
      • during the core event a presentation on the (preliminairy) results form a broader audience,
      • after the core conference another workshop as a round-up
  • CMS