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August 13th 2018



We've got an email from mailchimp to keep people informed if you don't want to check the wiki for updates.


This is Tennessee's second FOSS4G meeting.

It's an opportunity for Free and Open Source Software for GIS users in the area to get together and discuss projects, software, and get to know one another. The event is low cost. We are looking for sponsors (we'll make you famous).


Plant Biotech Building UT Ag Campus 2505 EJ Chapman Dr Knoxville, TN 37996


So this year we're charging $10 for admission to help defray some of the cost.


If the money is an issue with you attending let me (rjhale@northrivergeographic.com) and we will get it handled.



If you want to speak email rjhale@northrivergeographic.com and the committee will get back with you. Talks will be 20 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. I'll post the speakers and abstract up here as they come in.

Building an Open Geo Server - Randal Hale, NRGS - PostGIS is an extension to the postgresql database that allows you to store geographic Data. Geoserver is an open source server for sharing geospatial data. Using these two pieces of software (plus QGIS) we will create a very quick server application that will hold geospatial data and server it out using OGC Standards in 20 minutes or less...or the next one is free.


  • North River Geographic Systems, Inc.
  • University of Tennessee Department of Geography
  • UT County Technical Assistance Service