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October 25th 2019


A QGIS Centric Meeting will be held on October 25th 2019 in Chattanooga TN at Chattanooga State.

We have a maximum capacity of 135 people at the moment. This can change if it fills up early.

We are seeking presentations centered around QGIS. For now email rjhale@northrivergeographic.com


Chattanooga State Technical Community College

Allbright Omniplex Building

4501 Amnicola Highway

Chattanooga TN 37406


Tickets are $25

If you want to sponsor the meeting you have two options:

  • $50 for Silver Sponsorship. That gets you one free ticket in plus help defray some of the cost.
  • $100 for Gold Sponsorship. That gets you two free tickets and helps defray some of the costs.

If you can't afford a ticket contact me (rjhale@northrivergeographic.com) and We will work on a scholarship!




I have hopefully put something on the tickets but if you have any dietary restrictions please let me know and we will get it handled. Food is provided at this event and I'd prefer to not kill/cause gastric distress to you.


We are seeking presentations centered around QGIS:

  • Are you using QGIS for work related activities?
  • Programming with QGIS?
  • QGIS in Humanitarian Functions?
  • QGIS with Databases?
  • Government Agency using QGIS?


Randal Hale - QGIS: It's all about Form(s) - QGIS comes with the abilility to create forms to help you input data or capture data. You can build simple forms to help users avoid misspellings and help speed up data capture. You can also build forms where data entry is dependent on previous data entered as well as forms where data entry depends on other GIS data. Building Forms in QGIS is easy, powerful, and easily done if you have no programming experience. I'm going to attempt to talk you through the easiest to make forms plus one difficult form to show you how easy this can be (or hard depending on how the demos work).

Carl Anderson - Coming Soon

Erich Purpur - Coming Soon

Bernie Drahola - Coming Soon