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Always feel free to recommend changes or additions ( or make additions yourself )

  • Following:
    • QGIS Walkthrough and Q&A
    • Stefan Price
    • Geomatics Services Supervisor, Town of Cochrane
      • A quick walkthrough of connecting QGIS to a number of datasources followed by Q&A
      • Send your questions or how-to’s to this email list or join us on Slack or even Meetup.com
  • Following: Chapter Discussion & Planning
    • Discussion around how to meet going forward
      • Continue doing learning sessions - the sharing works well
      • Online means we can attract contributors from afar
        • ACTION:SCOTT reach out to Paul Ramsey - PostGIS discussion
      • Can we do online workshops - there was talk of a Leaflet workshop that had been canceled. There was mention it was AGG but I looked it up and it was GoGeomatics
        • ACTION:SCOTT reach out to GoGeomatics Coordinators to discuss holding it online
      • Alberta IoT was mentioned as possible participants
        • It looks like Steve Liang ( SensorUp ) is on the board and I know he's a big OS booster ( SensorUp sponsored our reboot meetup )
        • ACTION:IAN reach out to AlbertaIoT to guage potential