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Recommend discussion on Glossary project. Email from planners:
*Heads-Up X-Domain Glossary project
Hi OSGeo folks,
**Value?  Interest?
A bunch of communities are coming together to address cross-domain management of glossaries in a pilot running August - December 2020. In particular, we will be building an OSGeo Glossary, as well as custom glossaries for any OSGeo project that wants one and is prepared to help select and define your term list.
*Workshop Delivery
**Can this community deliver these or other free workshop materials?
Project manifesto is at:
I'd like to introduce you to Ankita, Alyssa, and Naini who are tech writers who've volunteered to define and document our processes and glossaries.
You'll likely be hearing from them over the next month or two.
Primary communication will be on this email list:
(Check your spam for your confirmation email when subscribing - gmail seems to have picked out "lexicon" as a problem word.) We will likely set up a slack channel as well.
If you'd like to join our kickoff meeting, please vote for your preferred timeslot at:
https://doodle.com/poll/6uwxyngtse4rzxsk (Week of 23-29 August). (We might need two timeslots)
Communities involved:
* Tech writing
* Data modelling
* OSGeo

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PROPOSED AGENDA: September 2nd

Always feel free to recommend changes or additions ( or make additions yourself )

Please feel free to come forward with your projects, initiatives, or even questions.



Any chapter business or suggestions

This event is open to all. Feel free to bring your topics, projects, or presentations.

Some suggestions from the chapter for presentations include:

  • Show us your side hustle
  • Bring us your problems ( stuff you're working on and issues )
  • Teach something new ( OS Geo projects or other ).