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Chris Holmes The Open Planning Project, GeoServer, GeoTools Incubator, Board I like GIS (if someone could put a good, detailed example here that would be great. I think this section should be as long as people like. Or a paragraph or two, and linking out to a more complete profile. But I'd like at least a paragraph for everyone, so one can survey this list and get a sense of who's involved in this thing.
Michael P. Gerlek LizardTech Promotion and Visibility Committee (47.673166,-122.530143) Engineer at LizardTech, doing MrSID and JPEG 2000 stuff. Playing with with the next generation of technologies for supporting raster data GIS workflows.
Add yourself Everyone is welcome Just edit the wiki (login/join in upper right corner) Copy and paste this entry, put it last, and change the one above to your information