Anniversary Celebrations 2011

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Someone's having a birthday! February 4th, 2006 - OSGeo was born. To help celebrate throughout this year, we have this wiki page to share ideas and events. Add your ideas, share your thoughts, post your photos. For photos or videos online, tag them with osgeobirthday.

Consider challenging others to a contest, offer a prize if you want! Let's see how many challenges we can get going.

Birthday Cake Design

Design a cake, real or virtual, silly or cool, share the url or photo to your design. Maybe the winning design will be featured on a cake at FOSS4G!?

  1. Tyler's 2 minute (virtual) cake decorating example kicks off the contest. See it online [1]. You can do soooo much better than that!
  2. your entry...

Videos or Animations

Create an online video that:

  • Shows you talking about what OSGeo apps you use,
  • Or keep it lighthearted and present yourself as an anonymous whistleblower silhouette describing what life was like before you went to open source (and how horrible it was!).
  • Something like the Japan LC crazy video with people saying "FOSS4G" but asking people from all committees and projects to record themselves (saying "OSGeo" or "Happy Birthday OSGeo") and send the video to produce a video joining all of them.
  • Other themes/topics can be added here too if you think of better ones...

Avatar Tweaking

Something like the "blue yourself for Drupal 7" campaign, asking people to give some greenish to their avatars in social networks.

List yourself here if you wish:

Metapixel Image

Create a metapixel image. The idea is to gather as much OSGeo related images (from FOSS4G and more) and create a (really) big metapixel image from the OSGeo banner and release it using OpenLayers to navigate to it. That is to say: you see when you enter the OSGeo logo and when you zoom in you can see the community in many different photographs.

Logo Refactoring

Contest for a logo refactoring for the anniversary and then add the winner to the OSGeo Store t-shirt/etc designs.

  • Prize: The best logos replace the main one on for a day!