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* Romanian Local Chapter activities, Vasile Crăciunescu
* Romanian Local Chapter activities, Vasile Crăciunescu
* [[Español|Spanish Language Local Chapter]], [[Jorge Sanz]]
* [[Español|Spanish Language Local Chapter]], [[Jorge Sanz]]
* [[PDX|PDX-OSGEO (Oregon)]], Eli Adam
* ''please add your talk title here''
* ''please add your talk title here''

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Venue / Timing

  • @FOSS4G2011, Friday September 16th, 4pm to 5pm, Grand Ballroom
  • 1 hour long


The Annual General Meeting for OSGeo is open to everybody. Due to the very limited schedule and many important topics that will be presented there will not be much time for discussion on the floor but hopes are high that many of the ideas coming up during the AGM will be discussed on their respective lists in the coming weeks and months.

The AGM itself will be a succession of lightning talks (presentations limited to three or four minutes) given by you in your role as Local Chapter representative, Chair of a committee, representative of a software project, OSGeo director or administrator or whatever else makes up OSGeo. If you feel like you have to say something please add yourself to the list. This list will be closed on the 12th (one week from now) to be orderd and cleaned out. Please come to the OSGeo booth in the exhibition area after this to get final instructions, upload your slides (if you need any) and get acquainted with the moderator.

Lightning Talks

Please enter your name and sign with your Wiki user or full name. Additionally please send an email to seven[a]arnulf.us for confirmation and so that we can contact you back. The talks will be reorded and cleaned out by the moderator prior to the session, simply add yourself as you go.

  • FOSS4G Japan Local Chapter activities, NN
  • FOSSGIS e.V., the German language Local Chapter, Astrid Emde
  • What is a SAC? NN (someone from SAC wanted!)
  • What EduCom has been up to, NN
  • IncCom update, Daniel Morissette
  • ConfCom update, Jeff McKenna
  • Romanian Local Chapter activities, Vasile Crăciunescu
  • Spanish Language Local Chapter, Jorge Sanz
  • PDX-OSGEO (Oregon), Eli Adam
  • please add your talk title here

Open Q&A from OSGeo Members (and anybody interested)

Due to time constraints this section has been removed from the AGM. Please feel free to come to the OSGeo booth and get your questions answered there - or give input for further dialog. If you cannot come in person or think your point is of broader interst, then please feel free to add your questions here:

  1. Membership ideas and status
  2. Fundraising goals and methods
  3. Other events that OSGeo should exhibit at or otherwise have representation
  4. How to pursue regional conferences organized by Local Chapters
  5. Put your ideas here...