Annual General Meeting 2011

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Venue / Timing

  • @FOSS4G2011, Friday September 16th, 4pm to 5pm, Grand Ballroom
  • 1 hour long


  • The Annual General Meeting for OSGeo includes brief presentations and open floor discussion for all OSGeo members, and visitors, to participate in. Attend to learn more about OSGeo highlights from the previous year, meet your Board of Directors and continue networking into the evening.


Duration Topic
20 min State of OSGeo Reports
30 min Board Panel / Open Q&A from floor

State of OSGeo

  • Current state, financial report, future direction/approach, membership report
  • Goals for 2011, priorities, funding plans

Board Panel / Open Q&A from floor

This will be for some open discussion or questions for the OSGeo Board of Directors. There will be time for questions/discussion from the floor but time is going to be tight so discussion needs to be focused.

  1. Membership ideas and status
  2. Fundraising goals and methods
  3. Put your ideas here....