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Arnulf on a bright black and white day

Arnulf Christl is a Geospatial Systems Architect, founding and Charter Member of OSGeo, served on the Board of Directors from 2006 to 2012 and was the OSGeo president from 2008 to 2012; as such Arnulf is the president emeritus of OSGeo. He is honored to have been elected to the list of OSGeo Spanish Charter Members. He contributes to the Incubation Committee, SAC and the Conference Committee. He is a lurker on the Public Geospatial Data Committee and avid advocate for Open Data, the Linked Open Data idea and geospatial semantics on the Web in general.

Find Arnulf's CV and lots more about what he does on his private web site.

Tasks in OSGeo


Arnulf is either in Bonn, Germany or here.

Foundation contact
For business enquiries please contact metaspatial
Private Web & Blog & Twitter
Base location
50.7363N 7.0879E
Bonn, Germany
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UTC (GMT) offset
Standard time zone: UTC +2 (Germany)

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