Belgium/FOSS4G 2015 Organisation

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Main topics where chairs/heads needed

Conference Chair

  • TBD
  • Tasks

Chair of program committee

  • TBD
  • Tasks
    • Decide which presentations are included in the program
    • Put together the program / schedule
    • Call for papers

Financial Issues

  • TBD
  • Tasks
    • Budget
    • Follow-up

Sponsorship & Exhibition

  • TBD
    • Communication with sponsors
    • Exhibition stand plan
    • Accompany the exhibitors to their stand


  • TBD
    • Communication with catering

Code Sprint

  • TBD (Brussels open data?)

Technical Infrastructure

  • TBD
    • Support technical issues during the event
    • Printer at the venue

Volunteer Chair

  • TBD
    • Hand out t-shirts / badges for the volunteers
    • Recruit vulonteers

Tasks & Vulonteers

Session Chairs

  • Session chairs serve as the "master of ceremonies" for one 90 minute session of presentations. Each session has three 25 minute presentations, with a 5 minute question-and-answer period after each. Chairs are expected to:
    • introduce the speakers,
    • ensure each speaker stays within his or her 30 minute combined presentations-plus-questions presentation limit,
    • ensure the next presentation starts promptly as scheduled, and
    • occasionally read off a few reminders and announcements at the end of the session.
  • Session chairs:
    • Morning sessions
      • Plenary Opening: TBD
      • Session 1 (Main track 11h): TBD
      • Session 2 (Side track 11h): TBD
      • Session 3 (Side track 11h): TBD
    • Afternoon sessions
      • Session 4 (Main track 14h): TBD
      • Session 5 (Side track 14h): TBD
      • Session 6 (Side track 14h): TBD
      • Plenary Closing: TBD

On call - Runner

  • Tasks
    • Checks that all sessions start at the correct time, and that the chairs are available
    • Communication between sessions if needed
    • Fix technical issues if chair can't fix

Volunteer tasks

  • Hand out badges / goodie bags / programme / t-shirts at entrance (2~3 Persons - Full day)

Other tasks

    • Provide signalisation to the different rooms and programme at the doors of the different rooms
    • Prepare all printed material