Benchmarking 2010

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Basic Premise

Following up on last year's exercise, the performance shoot-out presentation at FOSS4G2010 will test how long each Web mapping server takes to generate a map image, from a common set of spatial data, on a common platform. The data will be served by each Web mapping server through the WMS standard, which will serve exactly the same set of LAYERS. A JMeter load will be run on the testing box to measure various aspects of those layers.


Coordination/communication is primarily via the Benchmarking mailing list:

Weekly meetings will occur through IRC chat in the #foss4g channel on


January 2010 contact all mapping servers
March 1st 2010 exercise begins (and weekly meetings)
August 1st 2010 initial testing begins
August 23rd 2010 no further testing
September 6-9 2010 present results at FOSS4G2010

Potential Participants