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  shapeindex -d 16 track.shp
  shapeindex -d 16 track.shp
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Mapnik Notes

(for the Benchmarking 2010 exercise)


Fixed problem with filtering features with dbf > 2GB:


Exact Installation details can be seen at: http://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/foss4g/benchmarking/mapnik/scripts/install_mapnik_rhel_5.5.sh

Library versions used:

* libxml2-2.7.7
* zlib-1.2.5
* libpng-1.4.3
* freetype-2.4.1
* proj-4.7.0
* icu4c-4_4_1
* boost_1_43_0
* httpd-2.2.16 (only used for mod_mapnik_wms)
* gdal-1.7.2 (used only for raster plugin)
* postgis from RHEL packages - 8.1 headers
* libjpeg from RHEL packages - old

Mapnik versions used:

WMS Servers being tested:

shpindex depth

As Mapnik's shapeindex utility does not have optimized defaults, I matched the Mapserver depths used exactly (Shptree notes):

I found that deeper trees did not have much benefit so (instead of what is listed below) I simply used the default depth of 8 (which is what is used if no options are specified)

 shapeindex -d 21 building.shp
shapeindex -d 16 contour-0.shp
shapeindex -d 17 contour-1.shp
shapeindex -d 17 contour-2.shp
shapeindex -d 17 contour-3.shp
shapeindex -d 17 contour-4.shp
shapeindex -d 15 contour-5.shp
shapeindex -d 17 contour-6.shp
shapeindex -d 17 contour-7.shp
shapeindex -d 17 industry.shp
shapeindex -d 10 motorway.shp
shapeindex -d 15 point-labels-for-geometry.shp
shapeindex -d 18 point-labels-no-geometry.shp
shapeindex -d 14 ramp.shp
shapeindex -d 14 road.shp
shapeindex -d 16 settlement.shp
shapeindex -d 16 track.shp