Board Election 2016 Results

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THIS IS A DRAFT, full details to be shared ASAP. Jorge Sanz

Dear OSGeo community,

These are the results from the 2016 elections[1] for the 4 open seats[2]  of  the
OSGeo Board of Directors. The results in alphabetical order are:

* Angelos Tzotsos
* Maria Antonia Brovelli
* Michael Smith
* Vasile Craciunescu

Thanks to all candidates to oging through the elections process. Election
figures are:

* 78.8% participation (246 of 312)
* 6 incomplete responses
* 60 members not opened the voting

There were no scores to arbitrate. Thank you all who voted!!

The complete resulting Board for 2016/2017 is:

* Angelos Tzotsos
* Anita Graser
* Helena Mitasova
* Jody Garnett
* Maria Antonia Brovelli
* Michael Smith
* Sanghee Shin
* Vasile Craciunescu
* Venkatesh Raghavan

Maybe it's my impression but is not the most diverse Board we've had?

I will update the wiki pages for the Board of Directors ASAP.

Please congratulate the new OSGeo Directors!

A warm thank you for the outgoing Directors Maxi and Dirk for all your efforts
for the Foundation, looking forward to keep seeing your hard work for the
community in many other fronts.

My job as CRO is almost finished now, I will update the wiki with the detailed
results[3] as soon as possible. I want to give a big thank you to everyone for
your cooperation but specially to Jeff McKenna for his always close look to all
my actions fixing small issues and taking care of the job when I was absent. I
will open a separate thread for a couple of discussions about this process and
also a small retrospective and lessons learnt.

Kind regards


Jorge Sanz