Board Face to Face Meeting 2016

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It is important for the OSGeo Board to meet in person to discuss and make changes to the foundation. The foundation is mature now, and many lingering topics must be dealt with, but are often to detailed to be handled in a one hour meeting or e-mail.

Goals of Meeting

The overall goal of the F2F meeting is to discuss and outline the vision of the foundation. Where are we today, and where do we want to be 5 years from now, and most importantly, setting tasks so that we get there. After this meeting the OSGeo Board, and OSGeo in general, should have a clear focus.


Mapping the activities of Ikea. We will draft our own version of this map for OSGeo and its activities. This exercise will force us to define our core activities.
  • define the 2016 board objectives and agenda
  • review mission statement and revise it if necessary
  • develop core values of OSGeo to dictate behaviour and action around open source GIS
  • review foundation goals and set the vision of OSGeo
  • review bylaws based on mission statement, core values and vision
  • review relationships with external organisations based on mission statement, core values and vision
  • review relationship with participants (contributors, members and sponsors)
  • review projects
  • review branding (website etc.)
  • review finances
  • review incubation progress

Desired Outcomes

  • outline the strategic position of OSGeo (what separates OSGeo from others)
    • outline strategic themes and activities of OSGeo (see example map image)
  • develop a vision for OSGeo (how does the future look like)
  • set specific action items that help OSGeo meet its goals



Weekend of 30 & 31 January 2015. Please be sure to arrive at the latest Friday night, as we will start at 8am Saturday.

(original Doodle form:

Location: GeoCat office in Bennekom, Netherlands

Address of GeoCat

Veenderweg 13, 6721 WD Bennekom, Netherlands (OSM map)

From AMS (Schiphol) Airport
  • 55mins by train from Schiphol
  • at Jeroen's house (4 single beds and two double beds)
  • Reehorst hotel (nearest option)
    • 60 EUR/night
    • in nearby town of Ede
    • The area is not very exciting though
    • There is a bus running twice an hour to Bennekom and it is five minutes walk from the train station
  • Hotel de Wereld (in near university town)
    • 125 EUR/night
    • in nearby town of Wageningen, on a walking street
    • If you are looking for something with more life around (bars & restaurants) Wageningen is a nice student city and it is close to Bennekom too. You can rent bikes at the train station for those that can cycle. Buses, trains and taxis are all available and affordable.
    • has only 15 rooms
Travel Schedule
  • Anita Graser: Friday 19:15 to stay at Jeroen's house
  • Helena Mitasova: Friday afternoon train to stay at Jeroen's house or hotel
  • Jody Garnett: Friday 08:25 to stay at Jeroen's house
  • Massimiliano Cannata: Friday 22:30 taxi or share to stay at hotel
  • Michael Smith Friday arriving 10:35 on WW 442 (Wow Air) to stay at Jeroen's house
  • Sanghee Shin: Friday 18:40 to stay at Jeroen's house
  • Vasile Crăciunescu: Friday 18:30 to stay at Jeroen's house or hotel


Travel costs for each Board member will be covered by the foundation.

This meeting is so important to the foundation, that any cost is worth it. However, for estimates, with 9 board members and travel, costs could be approximately 15k.