Board Meeting 2006 08 04

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The 15th board meeting has been scheduled for the 4th of Augst at 15:00 UTC (fixedtime), by phone and IRC (#osgeo) at the same time.

From Skype call : +99038275318640 (5p/minute)

To use a regular phone:

 From the US: call # 1-419-753-7120 (free, long distance costs apply).
 From the UK: call # 0870-119-2350 (10p/minute).

Your Conference Room Number is: 5318640.


  1. Timing urgency for moving/setting up each infrastructure component to a new platform
  2. Tasking specific individuals/groups with responsibility for making it happen
  3. Budget availability for setting up/administering new infrastructure
  • Other Business
  1. Open Technology Development Status - Dept of Defense
  2. Opporunity to introduce OSS Geospatial Technologies into Large Data Joint Concept Technology Demonstration
  3. Opportunity to introduce OSS Geospatial Technologies into DoD disaster response initiatives
  4. EDRC BAA Proposal