Board Meeting 2010-01-07

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 7th of January 2010 at 15:00 UTC at 15:00 UTC, on IRC (#osgeo).



  • Meeting took place in IRC, see IRC server logs for detailed transcription, starting at server time 06h00

Action Summary

Detailed Minutes

  • Attending Frank, Chris, Howard, Ravi, Arnulf, Geoff, Jeff, Tyler
  • Tyler acting as scribe
  • Approve past minutes:
    • MOTION: Arnulf moved to approve the minutes, Frank seconded, all were in favour
    • Reviewed past action items, not much progress due to holidays, carry over Action Summary TODOs to current minutes
  • FOSS4G 2010 Budget update
    • FOSS4G 2010 budget suggestions completed, some communication challenges with LOC
    • Final budget pending end of month, in time for voting in next board meeting
  • Proposed Board Election Procedure
  • OSGeo 2010 budget, see email discussion
    • Discussion of potential to raise more funding, vs scaling back or maintaining status quo
    • TODO: Arnulf to put together plan for fundraising, leaning on Tyler too
    • MEETING: Special board meeting voice call re: fundraising planned in 1 week: TIME LINK
    • Presentations are helping raise sponsors
    • FOSS4G has been a successful fundraiser
    • US Government spending on open source and geospatial seen as potential growth area in future, potential funding possibly, Geoff linked to an article
    • TODO: Frank to draft minimal budget for approval at next meeting
    • Server expenditures seen as high priority
  • Update from Tyler
    • Discussed 501c3 status
    • TODO: Tyler to contact IRS re: status
    • TODO: Tyler to get advice/experience from other FOSS non profits and how they handled status
  • Directors and committee reports
    • Arnulf would like directors and committees to give brief reports each month
    • Discussion about commitment to grow OSGeo
    • TODO: Directors to share their goals for 2010
    • TODO: Arnulf to summarise issues/questions to Board list
  • Next meeting: Special fundraising voice call TIME LINK
    • TODO: Tyler, Arnulf, others - make an agenda, invite others on Discuss to join
    • TODO: Chris to set up voice call system
    • TODO: Tyler to distribute skypeout credits to directors as needed
  • Next regular meeting: Feb 4th - NOTE: one hour later than usual.