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=== Action Summary ===
=== Action Summary ===
# mpg: remove last line from codesprint guidelines
# mpg: remove last line from codesprint guidelines ''[done]''
# Peter: make mission text same on all pages
# Peter: make mission text same on all pages
# Jeff/Tim: draft RCMRD MOU
# Jeff/Tim: draft RCMRD MOU

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 5th of October 2011 at 17:00 UTC on IRC and follow up voting on Skype.


  • Review past minutes: Face to Face Meeting Denver 2011
  • Action items from last meeting
  • Appoint new secretary
  • Board meetings
    • Find a regular day and time for board meetings (can also be agreed via mail up front).
    • Evaluate options for IRC or voice conf and provider, or go for a combination
  • ED tasks transfer (link forthcoming)
  • Provide guidance to the Conference Committee wrt FOSS4G Beijing and potentially conflicting regional events
    • Results from the foss4g 2011 attendee survey (Batty to summarize - latest results sent to board list 10/5/2011)
    • North American regional conference for 2012
    • Discussion to fund Jeff for conference management
  • Finances
    • Status update
    • Outsourcing options (get quotes?)
  • Open session regarding the future style of the organization (mpg's 3 suggestions)
    • Three roles needed (to be filled by 1 person, or more?)
      • Administrative tasks
      • Project work (SAC, code sprints, etc.)
      • ED / ambassador:
        • Outreach
        • Fundraising
          • Conferences
          • Sponsorships
          • Sponsoring Memberships?
          • Other suggestions
  • MOUs
    • appointment of an MOU Czar
    • proposal for Geomatics Laboratory of Politecnico di Milano
  • Review/adopt Code Sprint Guidelines
  • please add items


  • [10:12] review of previous meeting's minutes
    • daniel moves, jeff seconds -- passed
  • [10:14] action items / TODOs from last mtg
    • wiki page on CodeSprint policies (http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Code_Sprint_Guidelines)
      • noted that last line needs to be removed
      • action punted to end of mtg
    • make mission text same on all pages
      • TODO: pmbatty (w/ Frank in loop)
    • draft RCMRD MOU
    • TODO: Jeff and Tim
    • motion to appoint mpg as secretary
      • Daniel moves, Peter seconds -- passed
  • [10:32] new time for mtgs?
    • agreed to Thursday of the second week of the month at 17:00 UTC
  • [10:38] format for future mtgs (IRC/skype/other?)
    • pmbatty to look into conference call options, others to email him with other ideas
    • for now, stay with IRC
  • [10:46] transfer of ED tasks
    • Tyler has a list going (on google docs)
    • we're making slow progress
    • board members encouraged to grab items
  • [10:53] "provide guidance to conf committee"
    • Peter sent out survey results, w/ summary
    • [10:58] mtg extended 30 mins
    • discussion about dilution relative to Beijing event, 50/50 deal with GITA, ...
    • no closure -- fundamental questions about who/what we are and want to be
    • we will move beijing-specific items to list; larger topic to be addressed next meeting
  • suggestion we allocate 2 hrs for next mtg
  • [11:36] Frank moves to close, mpg seconds, motion passes

Action Summary

  1. mpg: remove last line from codesprint guidelines [done]
  2. Peter: make mission text same on all pages
  3. Jeff/Tim: draft RCMRD MOU
  4. Peter: look into conf call options
  5. All: review Tyler's task list and volunteer for something


  1. approval of previous meeting's minutes (m/ Daniel, 2/ Jeff, all +1)
  2. appoint mpg as secretary (m/ Daniel, 2/ Peter, all +1)
  3. close meeting (m/ Frank, 2/ mpg, all +1)