Board Meeting 2013-06-13

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 13th of June 2013 at 20.00 UTC on IRC and follow up voting on Skype or by email.


  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Review and approve past minutes: Board Meeting 2013-05-09
  • GRASS code sprint support (request)
  • Begin plans for Board and Charter member elections
    • Including refreshing OSGeo Advocate page. (raised by Cameron Shorter)
  • Discussion on new possible Standards committee, to work with OGC
  • Brief update on FOSS4G in Nottingham
  • Possible OGC Board and OSGeo Board informal meeting in Nottingham (S.Feldman's idea)
  • OSGeo appearance at INSPIRE conference - 2013 and future --Jachym 01:36, 6 June 2013 (PDT)
  • OSGeo SDI committee --Jachym 01:37, 6 June 2013 (PDT)
  • Board, please clarify (brief) - is FOSS4G a trademark? Does the OSGeo Logo and brand appear at FOSS4G events ? --darkblue_b 08:20, 6 June 2013 (PDT)
  • add your items here
  • Decide on who to report this meeting summary to the Discuss list
  • Schedule next meeting


  • Attending: Frank, Jeff, Jachym, Cameron, Anne, Peter, Daniel
  • Presiding: Jeff
  • Scribing: Michael

Assigned Tasks

  • Frank to created SDI mailing list


Full, raw minutes notes

  • [2:02] start
  • roll: Frank, Jeff, Jachym, Cameron, Aanne, peter, Daniel
  • [2:03] scribe to be more careful transcribing motions
  • [2:06] GRASS code sprint support
    • asking for US$750
    • discussion of need to follow guidelines for transpearnecy
    • MOTION: To grant $750USD for this event with the expectation that financial report will be provided back to the board on completion.
      • Anne/1, mpg/2, Daniel/+0, others +1
  • [2:16] Begin plans for Board and Charter member elections
    • will ideally be before FOSS4G -- usually they take place from June to August
    • discussing suggestions for CROs, noted should not be board member (could be retiring board member)
    • seven suggested, accepts
    • mpg volunteers to assist
    • MOTION to appoint Arnulf Christl as CRO for 2013 Charter Member and Board election, with goal to have both done by September
      • Daniel/1, Jeff/2, all +1
  • [2:22] Discussion on new possible Standards committee, to work with OGC
    • side mention of OSGeo advocate role -- suggest considering OSGeo Advocate refresh at the same time as Charter member, to be discussed later
    • topic deferred to standards list
  • [2:25] brief update on FOSS4G in Nottingha
    • going well, 300 registrations to date (break-even tought to be around 500)
    • no questions for LOC
    • request to plug event at CEE - Jeff to follow up w/ jachym
  • [2:32] Possible OGC Board and OSGeo Board informal meeting in Nottingham (S.Feldman's idea)
    • OGC board in town for AGI event
    • Suchith has even volunteered to organize an informal get-together for osgeo board
    • noted that new board new members will be official at that time
    • suchith and steven waiting for OSGeo backing before contacting OGC board
    • side discussion of funding board members to attend foos4g, f2f mtg
    • MOTION: I move that OSGeo approach OGC to set up a meeting, and that seven be tasked with the responsiblity of sorting out details of the meeting.
      • Cameron/1, mpg/2, all +1
  • [2:53] OSGeo appearance at INSPIRE conference
    • there were 2 proposals from OSGeo: paper and "jrc-osgeo ping-pong workshop"
    • ("jrc-osgeo ping-pong workshop": means "dialog between OSGeo and Joint Research Centre")
    • presentation was NOT accepted; workshop, after discussion and organisation, was
    • presentation could be poster - suggestion marketing work to produce poster
  • [2:59] OSGeo SDI committee
  • MOTION: adjourn
    • mpg/1, all +1