Board Meeting 2016-12-15

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 15th of December 2016 at [1] through IRC and follow up voting on Loomio.


Current items

  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Approve last meeting minutes
  • Formal mandate requested from the marketing committee [2]
  • Approve Dar es Salaam to host FOSS4G 2018 [3], Related wiki page with more information
  • Update on budget requests, the current status is here: OSGeo_Budget_2017
  • Approve next release of funds to FOSS4G2017 ($50K USD)
  • Face2face meeting 2017
  • Add agenda items


  • Attending: Venka, Vasile, Helena, Anita, Maria, Angelos, Sanghee, Jody
  • Presiding: Anita
  • Scribing: Sanghee
  • Approval of previous board meeting minutes on 2016-11-25
  • Discussion about mandate and budget request from marketing committee. This request was divided into 2 itmes, mandate request and budget request.
  • Approval of grant mandate to marketing committee.
  • Approval of Dar es Salaam to host FOSS4G 2018
  • Discussion about budget planning
  • Anita will contact PSCs and Venka contact remaining committees for the budget requests
  • Decision on planning to have a F2F meeting on budget planning
  • Decided to discuss next release of funds to FOSS4G 2017 team ($50K USD) with formal request from FOSS4G 2017 Boston team.
  • Will discuss F2F meeting dates through mail
  • Next Board Meeting was scheduled for 2017-01-05 14:00UTC

Tabled for email/loomio discussion

  • Schedule budget planning on-line F2F meeting dates
  • Approval of next release of funds(USD 50K) to FOSS4G 2017 Boston team
  • Schedule 2017 board F2F meeting dates

Action Items

  • Contact PSCs(Anita) and remaining committees(Venka) for the budget requests
  • Schedule Hangout meeting (before end of December) for discussing about budget planning


Motion +1 0 -1 Abstain Passed Notes
MOT1: Approve the last board meeting minutes on 2016-11-25 Helena, Anita, Venka, Sanghee, Angelos, Jody, Vasile, Michael
MOT2: Grant mandate to Marketing Committee Helena, Jody, Angelos, Anita, Venka, Sanghee, Vasile, Michael The committee now seeks a mandate and executive responsibility for: 1) establishing and executing a medium term marketing strategy geared at growing our community with new users, as determined in the marketing strategy for OSGeo-outreach, by means of; A - a new website and logo design (2017) B - a clean up/new marketing collateral (2017) C - ongoing support for events e.g. downloadable marketing collateral, event formats etc (ongoing) via the website
MOT3: Approve Dar es Salaam to host FOSS4G 2018 Helena, Anita, Sanghee, Venka, Vasile, Angelos, Michael Jody, Maria Passed
MOT4: Plan a F2F budget discussion before our next board meeting in Jan, preferably before end of 2016 Maria, Venka, Jody, Helena, Anita, Sanghee, Angelos, Michael, Vasile Passed
MOT5: Next board meeting on Jan 5th, 2017 Jody, Vasile, Venka, Sanghee, Maria, Angelos

Motions here are to be confirmed by email for public record.

See email thread on the Board list.

Full, raw minutes notes