Board Meeting 2016-5-12

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 12th of May 2016 at 14.00 UTC through IRC and follow up voting by email.


Current items


  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Approve last meeting minutes
  • Rasdaman incubation question; can OSGeo consider benevolent dictator governance model
  • Elections 2016
  • Support for SAC Actions (to keep the OSGeo infrastructure running smoothly)
  • establish a new marketing committee and delegate marketing budget
  • add items

Items from past meetings

  • Add items


  • Attending: venka, anita, sanghee, maxi, vcraciunescu, helena, DirkF, mdsmith
  • Presiding: venka
  • Scribing: jody (with help of titanpad notes)
  • Actions
    • venka: Reach out to SAC committee chair to sort time & materials contract
    • vcraciunescu: will prepare document with all necessary information for 2016 elections

Motions made here are to be confirmed by email for public record. See email thread on the Board list.

Approve last meeting minutes

Agenda topic delayed as two pending items from last months notes were unresolved:

  • Financial support for OSGeo to get the OSGeo-Live DVD to the conference, Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre April" did not pass
  • OSGeo to fund 2,000USD for OSGeo USB sticks at UMGEOCON 2016" did not pass

With these two issues marked as not passed ...

Can OSGeo consider benevolent dictator governance model"?

Discussion on on rasdaman incubation, Bruce's hard work as mentor and benevolent dictator model.

Desire to support the project and have discussion with mentor and project team, resulting in suggestion of a BOF at Bonn.

  • MOT2: Propose a Incubation BoF at FOSS4G-2016 to come out with a decision on the benevolent dictatorship model
    • DirkF +1
    • Jody +1
    • helena +1
    • Anita +1
    • venka +1
    • sangee +1
    • vcraciunescu +1
    • mdsmith +1
    • Maxi+1

Far ranging discussion on Peter sticking to benevolent principles, call to board members to provide leadership on this topic and comparison with GRASS PSC procedures. Enthusiasm for review after incubation committee has responded.

  • MOT3: Await Incubation Committee decision regarding RASDAMAN Project
    • DirkF +1
    • Venka +1
    • mdsmidth +1
    • Sangee +1
    • Jgarnett +1
    • anitagraser +1
    • helena +1
    • vcraciunescu +1
    • maxi +1

Review of incubation FAQ, edit history shows that the phrase "A benevolent dictatorship is not considered a suitable open and consensus based approach to governance." was added to the FAQ in 2012 by Jody (when this discussion first came up for the rasdaman project).

Elections 2016

Elections to be discussed on ML. Note conflict of interest between vcraciunescu running for reelection and acting as CRO.

A CRO should be allocated to run the election process (we need a volunteer).

vcraciunescu will prepare document with all necessary information

Seek to resolve the formula used (as prior discussions have not been decisive).

Support for System Administration Committee

SAC asks for support to keep the OSGeo infrastructure running smoothly. There has been an ongoing spam attack eating up a lot of volunteer time.

Discussion about supporting SAC with a message that they could use part of their budget to use for working time supporting OSGeo.

- venka reaching out to SAC committee / chair - - discussion with strk on

Discussion on how best to support SAC: - venka will reach out to SAC committee chair - OSGeo is in position for time and materials contract

establish a new marketing committee and delegate marketing budget

Sent to email.

Answer FOSS4G-LOC for accepting presentation

Sent to email.

F2F meeting date at FOSS4G Bonn

Sent to email.

Next meeting

  • MOT4 June 9 for next meeting
    • Sanghee: MOT4 +1
    • venka: MOT4: +1
    • mdsmith: MOT4 +1
    • DirkF: MOT4: +1
    • helena: MOT4 +1
    • maxi__: MOT4: +1
    • anitagraser: MOT4 +1
    • jgarnett: MOT4 +1

Full, raw minutes notes