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This board meeting is scheduled for the 1st of May 2018 at 16.00 UTC through IRC, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

Items in italic are recurring at each meeting.

Note that the meeting is limited to 1 hour.

  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Review and approve past minutes
  • approve OSGeo - Youth Mappers MoU
  • recognize OSGEO US Chapter creation
  • UNIGIS will to create MOU
  • Sponsoring FOSS4G 2018 (contact local chapter)
  • Review OSGeoLive project graduation checklist, introduce Angelos Tzotsos as project officer.
  • Status of the TODO task list or the community
  • Request for travis infrastructure to support GitHub based project
  • Coordination with regional FOSS4G events
    • foss4gna
    • foss4ge
  • Sponsor updates
  • add your items here..

Last meeting 2018-04-11


  • Attending: Helena , Angelos, Jody, MariaA, Astrid, Vasile, Michale
    • Regrets: MariaB
    • Guests: Randal Hale (OSGeo.US), Josef Strobl (UNGIS)
  • Presiding: Jody
  • Scribing: Vasile

Note vacation day in europe.


1. Review and approve past minutes

Review Board_Meeting_2018-04-11

  • prefer names in the minutes instead of the IRC nicknames

MOT 1: Approve board meeting minutes

  • Angelos: +1 initial motion
  • Helena +1
  • MariaB: +0
  • Vasile +0
  • Michal +1
  • Jody +1
  • Astrid +1

Review Face_to_Face_Meeting_Bonn_2018

  • empty section on day 2, not ready for review

Review Member_Meeting_Bonn_2018

  • items from the whiteboard not recorded
  • we will need to take better notes for next members meeting

2. Approve OSGeo - Youth Mappers MoU

Discussion of MOU_OSGeoYouthMappers

MOT2: Approve OSGeo - YouthMappers MoU

  • Helena +1 initial motion
  • Angelos +0 (some edits asked for were not done)
  • Jody +1
  • MariaB: +1
  • Michal +1
  • Vasile +1
  • Astrid +1

Motion taken to loomio, requesting clarification on what GeoForAll, mention of OSGeo since that is who the agreement is with

3) recognize OSGEO US Chapter creation

Discussion with our guest Randal Hale:

  • Wiki page OSGeoUS lists one member!
  • Website page:
  • Q: Twitter account?
  • Discussion on lack of a booth at foss4gna
  • Will work with Randel to try and set things up in time for foss4gna
  • Discuss if OSGeo.US can send a representative to partner / sponsor meeting at foss4gna

4) UNIGIS will to create MOU

Discussion with our guest Josef Strobl (UNGIS)"

  • Many members have jointed GeoForAll at the department level, will be drafting an MoU to strengthen the relationship as a group
  • MariaB and Helena volunteer to collaborate on draft MoU

5) Sponsoring FOSS4G 2018

Discussion on how to attend foss4g:

  • Normally as a host we coordinate a booth with the local chapter in the region hosting the event. As part of providing seed funding, this has not been a financial issue previously.
  • In this case we will need to purchase booth space, as we lack both a local chapter, and an agreement with the LOC with respect to OSGeo physical presence
  • Review sponsorship options:
  • Gold sponsorship provides 10x10 booth for 8k, includes two tickets
  • Discussion on tradeoff / hosting / sponsoring etc...
    • willing to sponsor? we did not state any expectation of a free pass / presence. 8k sponsorship would be the smallest "seed" ever provided.
    • wishing to negotiate? we are a hosting organization lending our name to the event
  • recommendation 1) sponsor/negotiate this year 2) write down rules/expecations for subsequent foss4g events (see expectations with foss4gna)


MOT4 secure exhibitor space for foss4g global, gold sponsorship 10x10 area

  • jody: +1 initial motion
  • Angelos +1
  • MariaB: +1
  • Michal +1
  • Astrid +1
  • Helena +1
  • Vasile +1

Discussion on MOT4 coming before MOT3, jody cannot count.

6. Review OSGeoLive project graduation checklist, introduce Angelos Tzotsos as project office

Discussion of

  • Jody was mentor
  • Angelous PSC chair: incubation took 6 months, but the actual work was about a week

MOT3: Recognize OSGeo live as a graduated osgeo project, with Angelos Tzotsos as officer. Revise incubation committee budget to make $1000 funds available to OSGeo live for remainder of the year.

  • Michal +1
  • jody: +1 initial motion
  • Vasile +1
  • Angelos +0 (abstain as PSC chair)
  • MariaB: +1
  • Helena +1
  • Astrid +1 (abstain PSC member)

7. Request of travis infraustructure to support github based projects


  • price 5k annually, see
  • support travis purchase and SAC and let projects choose appropriately?
  • travis is open source, commercial but open source

MOT5: motion to approve an investment of 5000$ for a yearly Travis support

  • Michael: +1 initial motion
  • MariaA: +1
  • Helena: +1
  • Jody: +1
  • Astrid: =1
  • Angelos: +0 (like to hear if GDAL project discussed with SAC and if they still want this)
  • Vasile: +1

MOT6: Ajourn

  • Angelos +1 initial motion
  • helan: +1 seconded