Board Meeting 2019-03-25

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Face to Video Meeting



  1. Director Updates
    • round table update from our directors
  2. Director and Officer responsibilities
    • review of bylaws suggested
    • review of officers responsibilities and current approach
    • idea: review appointments and ensure we are covered for 2020
  3. OSGeo Events and FOSS4G Conferences
  4. OSGeo Local Chapter initiative
  5. OSGeo Partner Program review and status update
  6. OSGeo Sponsors program
  7. OSGeo Members
    • idea: review and discussion of member meetings
  8. OSGeo Project status
  9. OSGeo Community program
  10. Other Activities
    • Budget
    • Elections


We invite board members to revisit their initial goals as an elected representative to provide context for the days discussion.

The board is responsible for several activities and initiatives and this is good opportunity to review and set priorities for 2019.

We should leave the meeting with:

  • Actions for each initiative to review at our August F2F meeting
  • A clear message for our members, events and partners

Secondary goal is to make up for a gap in the our on boarding (as the budget took priority during this board's initial months).

Meeting Minutes

  • Chair: Jody
  • Scribe: Victoria


  • Angelos Tzotzos
  • Jody Garnett
  • María Arias de Reyna
  • Tom Kralidis
  • Victoria Rautenbach
  • Astrid Emde - joined late
  • Michael Smith - at 1500 UTC


  • Helena Mitasova

Director update

  • Jody: Encourage participation in 2019 in committees (marketing example). Had to scale down his participation for this year.
  • Angelos: Keep an eye on projects and make sure they report to the Board. Relationship with OGC.
  • Victoria: Increase participation. Look into testing of software as an option.
  • Tom: Follow up on OGC technical meeting interet in python projects. Attend OSGeo sprint. OGC Hackathon.
  • Maria: CoC needs more work and volunteers. Improving diversity in OSGeo. Taking part in new industry activity “Women in Geospatial”. Lots of progress in South America (multiple groups).

Director and Officer responsibilities

  • Reviewed OSGeo bylaws


  • Discussion on board members that do not participate, for example more than 6 month
  • Roles of Board and Officers


  • Secretary to update and review the officers listed on the website and check if they are still the ones selected by PSC and they are active.
  • Ask projects to link to their CoC or to the OSGeo CoC from web site, for example. To be completed after updating PSC and officers.
  • At the next full board meeting discuss the officers, for example Vice-President, and Regional Representatives (or maybe VP), for example for South America and Asia/Australasia

Upcoming OSGeo events and conferences

FOSS4GNA - April 15

  • Michael and Jody attending
  • Jody has a number of OSGeo presentations (like 4-5)
  • Stickers?
  • Possible member meeting

OSGeo Code Sprint - May

  • Tom and Jody attending
  • Possible member meeting - Jody and Tom to discuss

FOSS4G AR - April 9 - 12

  • María attending
  • Will take with table cloth, stickers and pins
  • Member meeting

FOSS4G Spain - SIGLibre - May 29-30

  • María attending
  • Possible member meeting
  • Stickers?


  • Possible member meetings to be arranged at the events. The respective board members will liaise and discuss.

OSGeo Local Chapter Initiative


  • North America:
    • Reach out to member in the USA for an update (Michael)
    • Consider hosting meetups and code sprints (Jody)
  • Ask local chapter to highlight events at AGM

OSGeo Partner Program review and status update

  • Review MOU terms to ensure their participation
  • Some discussion on OGC, LocationTech, and gvSIG Association


OSGeo Partner Program review and status update

  • Discussion on partner MOU


  • Ensure that MOU includes participation
  • Ask Bruce and Jeff to update the OGC page
    • Reach out to CITE for code sprint participate
    • Ask for an update on this relationship

OSGeo Sponsor Program

MOT1: Offer sponsors choice of how to handle 2019 renewals (based on commitment, or running total, or final total for the year)

Motion on Loomio:


  • After MOT1 pass, contact all sponsors on renewal.

OSGeo Members

  • Discussion on the OSGeo Code of Conduct update and using collaborative code of conducts, for example and


  • Conference committee will recommend one of these possible collaborative code of conduct documents.

OSGeo Project status

Project status inactive:

  • MapGuide - active committers, PSC inactive
  • FDO - active committers, PSC inactive
  • OSSIM: PSC inactive, did not respond to communication
  • Geomajas: supported by one company, not releases
  • MapFish - inactive for many years, print engine is used, “maintained” by camp2camp
    • Consider print project as community project


  • Angelos: make motion on Loomio, send link to last known contact.

OSGeo Community program

  • Discussion on the motivation of the program.
  • API key restrictions
  • Requirements for projects to join the OSGeo Community program
    • Must be geospatial
    • Open source - should have an OSI approved license
    • Open to participation with guidelines or pull requests
    • Review CoC or use the OSGeo's CoC

Other activities

MOT2 Approve meeting minutes

Motion on Loomio:

MOT3: Approve "OSGeo Budget and Money guidance for projects, committees, initiatives and events” version 1.0

Motion on Loomio:


  • After MOT3, Jody will package final document as a Libreoffice/PDF for website/wiki
  • Reach out to foss4g to organize “networking event” (prior years did breakfast meeting)
  • Review 2018 CRO report by May/June for planning of 2019 elections.

Next meeting

Next meeting: 29 April 2019