Board Meeting 2019-03-25

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Face to Video Meeting



Board members:

  • Victoria Rautenbach - here
  • Michael Smith
  • Angelos Tzotsos - here
  • Tom Kralidis - here
  • María Arias de Reyna - here
  • Astrid Emde - will be delayed by 2 hours
  • Helena Mitasova
  • Jeff McKenna
  • Jody Garnett - here


  • Drop in available, if you wish to speak to the board please add an agenda item


  1. Director Updates
    • round table update from our directors
  2. Director and Officer responsibilities
    • review of bylaws suggested
    • review of officers responsibilities and current approach
    • idea: review appointments and ensure we are covered for 2020
  3. OSGeo Events and FOSS4G Conferences
  4. OSGeo Local Chapter initiative
  5. OSGeo Partner Program review and status update
  6. OSGeo Sponsors program
  7. OSGeo Members
    • idea: review and discussion of member meetings
  8. OSGeo Project status
  9. OSGeo Community program
  10. Other Activities
    • Budget
    • Elections


We invite board members to revisit their initial goals as an elected representative to provide context for the days discussion.

The board is responsible for several activities and initiatives and this is good opportunity to review and set priorities for 2019.

We should leave the meeting with:

  • actions for each initiative to review at our August F2F meeting
  • A clear message for our members, events and partners.

Secondary goal is to make up for a gap in the our on boarding (as the budget took priority during this board's initial months).

Meeting Minuets

  • Attending:
  • Quorum:
  • Chair:
  • Scribe:



  • point form


  • Loomio link