Board Meeting 2019-08-24

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Planning for Face to Face board meeting, see prior example.


Meeting Location

  • TBD


The following timetable is split into two hour sections, used to keep scope of meeting in check and organize any invited guests.


  • 9:00 Doors Open / Coffee
  • 10:00 AGM work party / foundation status / local chapter status
  • 12:00 Meeting Start / Director Updates / Lunch
  • 14:00 TBD
  • 16:00 TBD
  • 18:00 TBD
  • 20:00 Meeting Close


  • 8:30 Doors Open / Coffee
  • 9:00 Meeting Start / board wiki work party
  • 11:00 TBD
  • 13:00 CRO election feedback and recommendations --> Election process revamp
  • 15:00 Election process revamp
  • 17:00 Meeting Close



  • Jody Garnett - travel confirmed

See board travel budget for status.




Saturday Agenda

Key topics / Goals:

  • Work party updating AGM slides (for board items) and double checking all groups have at least a placeholder slide present
  • public feedback indicates our use of "dated" communication channels (mailing lists, IRC) and authentication (OSGeo user id, wiki, atliasian) make our community difficult to access and and "exclusive". Our discussion mailing list has a reputation for hostile interactions. How much is by design, where can we improve?

Work party:

  • AGM breakout workparty; Gather up information for AGM, facts help fuel later meeting discussion

AGM Meeting:

  1. Meeting start
    • roll call
    • chair / scribe
    • shared scribe duty via google doc has worked well previously
  2. Director updates - good topic to welcome everyone over lunch and set the tone for the meeting
  3. Discussion: OSGeo community accessibility
  4. Agenda topics open, please add items, noting any guests that need to be invited.

Sunday Agenda

Key topics / Goals:

  • Review and approve revised election procedure based on chief-returning officer feedback and email / wiki feedback. Deliverable is an approved document to share with our membership.


  • Clean up the board wiki presence
  • Any official approved document can be turned into a Libre Office + PDF and attached
  • Draft documents placed an agenda for approval, revision, or destruction


  • Election process revamp (guest: Vicky as CRO)
  • Agenda topics open, please add items, noting any guest that need to be invited

Saturday Minutes



Presiding :

  • Chair
  • Scribe

AGM Slides Workparty

This is a pre-meeting activity as everyone arrives:

  • Update Treasure Report (Michael)
  • Update Secretary Report (Astrid)
  • Membership update
    • charter members
    • change to membership statistics?
  • Update 2018/2019 Event list
  • Update partnership / friends information
    • How is our partnership program going?
  • Update local chapter initiative status
    • list of local chapters
    • confirm each group tagged into AGM slide deck
  • Update OSGeo projects status
    • list of projects, confirm each is tagged into AGM slide deck
    • osgeo community list, confirm each is tagged into AGM slide deck
  • Update sponsors list / status (Jody/Tom)
    • How is our sponsorship program going?

Director Updates

The goals link to election manifesto page, you are welcome to add some speaking notes below ahead of the meeting:

Sundary Minutes



Presiding :

  • Chair
  • Scribe

Workparty Wiki Cleanup

List of official wiki pages:

  • TBD

List of draft wiki pages:

  • TBD

Generated docs:

  • TBD

Election Revamp =

CRO Report has been provided to board-priv, please review.