Board Meeting 2020-05-25

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This board meeting is scheduled Monday 25 May 2020 at 16:00 UTC through Jitsi, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

  1. roll call
    • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  2. Review and approve past minutes
  3. Approve FLOSSK Kosovo as official Local OSGeo Chapter (
    1. approved as local chapter
    2. Astrid to twitter this on OSGeo twitter account
  4. Discuss request from J. Neufeld to refund 100% of loss for FOSS4G 2020
    1. AT asks for publishing the final numbers on an official mailing list and then refund of the money by OSGeo
    2. the costs for the travels of the board plus the TGP is more or less the same as the lost amount
    3. request CC again for clearer rules for the future: Clear agreement on what OSGeo takes over and what not
  5. GitHub sponsors [1]
  6. Add more agenda items here...


  • Presiding: Till
  • Scribing:
  • Attending:
  • Guests: