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** Subject to conference needs...
** Subject to conference needs...
* [[User:Arnulf Christl|Arnulf Christl]]
* [[User:Arnulf Christl|Arnulf Christl]]
* [[User:robertbray|Bob Bray]]
* ...
* ...

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The OSGeo Board of Directors will meet in a face-to-face meeting prior to the FOSS4G2007 conference event. Space is limited to accomodate the board only. General OSGeo meeting / discussion will be possible during Annual General Meeting the following day.


  • When: Sunday, September 23rd, 9am - 5pm
  • Where: Harbour Towers Meeting Room - 203
  • Breakfast, lunch and morning/afternoon foods and beverages will be provided


These are suggested items and not a final agenda.

  • Review and Update of OSGeo Priorities
  • Budget Preparation for 2008
  • Review of sponsorship programme - who the sponsors are, who could be approached, what seem to be their expectations of value in return
  • 2008 Conference programme
  • Possibility of and conditions around support fund for OSGeo members to get to conferences
  • Whether and how well the current committee structure is working to coordinate Foundation activities
  • Report from ED and overview of following year position
  • Sustainable Funding
    • Review of Current Model
    • Discuss Conference Driven Model
    • Discuss Certification Driven Model

Please contribute.


Who is planning to attend...

Who is planning to virtually attend (given there is Voip possible)...