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The following nominations have been received for the OSGeo Board in 2010 through the Election 2010 process. The end of Thursday, August 12th 2010 is the latest that new nominations, sent to and the discuss list, will be accepted.

This list is presented in the order nominations were received.

Incumbent board members are marked with an asterisk (*).

Candidate statements, if they have been provided, are indented and provided immediately after the candidate name.

Arnulf Christl*

I would like to suggest the nomination of Arnulf for the OSGeo Board Election 2010 again. He did a good job the last years, so it would be nice to have him in the Board again.

He is active in the Open Source community for many years. Very early he discovered the sense of open standards and promoted the OGC and the standards.

He is active world wide - doing lots of presentations, trainings, articles, consulting and has the ability to inspire people for open source. With his company he set up lots of solutions based on open source.

He also is active in the OSGeo as president, in the OGC, in the FOSSGIS e.V. which is the german speaking local chapter of the OSGeo and in the Mapbender project.

He has a lot of energy to push things forward, to motivate and encourage people and he has a lot of ideas. He walks around with an open mind and is open when he steps up to other people.

He is dedicated for the idea of open source and puts a lot of his energy and time in this idea.

From: Astrid Emde

Frank Warmerdam*

I would like to nominate Frank Warmerdam for re-election in the 2010 OSGeo Board Election.

Frank doesn't need to be introduced, he has been recognized as a leader in the Open Source Geospatial field for several years before the OSGeo Foundation was created, and has been one of the key people who made the launch and operation of the Foundation possible in its early days.

Frank has served on the OSGeo board since the creation of the Foundation and plays a key role in many (all?) of its committees. It makes no doubt that he is committed to OSGeo's mission and that he can continue to make significant contributions as an OSGeo board member.

From: Daniel Morissette

If selected, I would be pleased to serve on the OSGeo board for another two years. I believe I can offer continuity in the operation of OSGeo due to my involvement at the board, and others levels from the launch of the foundation.

From: Frank Warmerdam

Venkatesh Raghavan

I would like to nominate Venkatesh Raghavan for his work in the OSGeo fields, making event in Japan, making OSGeo Members able to visit Japan with him and go to the Japanese event (FOSS4G Japan).

Venkatesh makes lot of training session all over Asia to present and promote lot of OSGeo projects. He makes some charter member able to do the training in Asia also or other events to promote OSGeo projects. He came to all the FOSS4G and help in finding the name of this event. He also promote OSGeo projects in many papers he wrote or some of his students wrote, write or will write.

From: Gérald Fenoy

Tim Schaub

I would like to nominate Tim Schaub for the OSGeo Board.

Tim has shown strong leadership in both the OpenLayers and the GeoExt community. He has got excellent technical skills, but above all he also has excellent communication skills. Normally this is a rare combination to find.

Tim is part of both the OpenLayers as well as the GeoExt Project Steering Committee (PSC), for the OpenLayers PSC he is the chair.

Tim is working for OpenGeo, a company which has changed open source GIS for sure in the last few years, and continues to do so more and more, with adding great support packages and productizing a stack of excellent software components.

I believe Tim would be a very valuable addition to the OSGeo board. Thanks in advance.

From: Bart van den Eijnden

Lorenzo Becchi

I'm very glad to nominate Lorenzo Becchi for the OSGeo Board member.

As a very active member of the community and OSGeo Charter Member Lorenzo has actively supported execution of many of the OSGeo activities, chapters and events.

As a software developer Lorenzo has a long time experience and long list of commits contributed to number of FOSS4G projects.

Lorenzo is a very important driving force of the upcoming FOSS4G 2010 conference.

I recognise Lorenzo as a passionate, optimistic and constructive person.

From: Mateusz Loskot

Daniel Morissette

I am proud to nominate Daniel Morissette for the OSGeo Board election 2010.

Daniel is one of the early pioneers in the geospatial free and open source domain. He has been involved in the OSGeo Foundation since its inception. He is one of the main contributors of the MapServer project (for that he is often called the "Mother" of MapServer ;-) ) and he is a member of the GDAL/OGR Project Steering Committee (PSC). Due to his significant contribution to the advancement of open source ideals in the geospatial realm, he was awarded the Sol Katz Award in 2009. Daniel is also very active at a more local level. He is one of the co-founding members of the OSGeo Quebec local chapter and has recently chaired the organisation committee of the first and successful edition of the Rendez-vous OSGeo-Quebec (see His addition to the board could thus be very valuable as he knows very well how local chapters work, the problems local users are facing in the adoption of geospatial open source technologies (including the cultural, linguistic and local peculiarities) and how local chapters can contribute to the achievement of the OSGeo Foundation mission.

Daniel is also one of the most patient people I know. He is always open to new ideas or points of view, but he also knows how to federate energies to carry out ambitious and difficult project. It is an actual pleasure to work with him. It is a man of passion and he knows how to share his passion of geospatial open source technologies with everyone.

It makes no doubt to me that he is committed to OSGeo's mission and he would be a very valuable addition to the OSGeo board.

From: Theirry Badard

Paolo Cavallini

I would like to nominate Paolo Cavallini, for his role in developing OSGeo Italy, and in developing and promoting QGIS.

From: Duarte Carreira