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The Board Member nomination (part of the Election 2016) will be open from 2016-09-05 to 2016-09-20 (two weeks). The list of nominees for the 2016 Board Member Election is maintained by the Chief Returning Officer (cro at This page is write protected and can only be edited by SysOps.

The following nominations have been received for the OSGeo Board in 2016 through the Election 2016 process.

  • The nomination period ends on 20 September 2016.
  • This list is presented in the order nominations were received.
  • Candidate statements and support by OSGeo participants or members, if they have been provided, are linked to immediately after the candidate name as a bulleted list.

Angelos Tzotsos

Nomination by Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure and honour to nominate Angelos Tzotsos for the OSGeo Board of Directors. As most of the community knows, Angelos is extremely dedicated, and passionately does whatever he can do help with all things OSGeo. It is hard to list all of his activities, but he is most known as the chair of the OSGeo-Live team, as well as being a project steering committee member for the pycsw and ZOO-Project communities; Angelos is very active in many other OSGeo communities[1]. He is a senior researcher at the National Technical University of Athens, but you can see his smile at FOSS4G events all around the world. Angelos is very easy going, approachable, and brings a get-things-done mentality; I feel strongly that he will do a great job representing the OSGeo community at the highest level. Please welcome Angelos to the Board of Directors.



Endorsements and discussion

Nomination by Jeff McKenna. Support by:

Maria Antonia Brovelli

Nomination by Helena Mitasova

I would like to nominate Professor Maria Brovelli for the board of directors. She is very well know in the community for her passion for open source software and open data, leader of numerous initiatives, including the latest outreach to United Nations, hosting FOSS4G Europe in 2015 and organizing several open source and open data sessions at the ISPRS congres in Prague in 2016. Her leadership and contributions to OSGeo were recognized by Sol Katz award in 2015 and she is on the advisory board and one of the regional directors of GeoForAll initiative. She advised many students who made significant contributions to several OSGeo projects including GRASS GIS and understands both the community building and the software development issues. I feel strongly that she will be able to take on the challenging tasks and often complex decision making that comes with the the board of directors membership given her experience as Vice Rector for the Como Campus of Politecnico di Milano. See her page for more information


Endorsements and discussion

Nomination by Helena Mitasova. Support by:

Michael Smith

Nomination by Stephan Meißl

Hi there,

I'd like to nominate Michael Smith from the US as board member.

Mike works as Physical Scientist with the Remote Sensing GIS Center of Expertise at the Cold Regions Research Engineering Laboratory of the US Army Corps of Engineers. He has been a long time power user, supporter, and contributor of MapServer, GDAL/OGR, and other OSGeo projects. He is a member of the MapServer as well as the PDAL PSC. He is a FOSS4G regular and hasn't missed a single one since the 2003 MapServer Users Meeting as far as I know. Mike is the present OSGeo treasurer and has already served on the board for the last couple of years. I believe he is really doing a great job representing OSGeo and he is a perfect candidate to continue serving on the board. See his user page for more information:


Endorsements and discussion

Nomination by Stephan Meißl. Support by: