Board Member Nominations 2019

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# Nominee Name Country Statement Nominated by
1 Msilikale Msilanga Tanzania Msilikale is a very active member of OSGeo. You may know him as the chair of FOSS4G 2018 or by his efforts on raising the African community. But let me assure you that his most important work is not that visible. María Arias de Reyna
2 Marie Anna Baovola Madagascar Marie is a power user of FLOSS. You may have seen her in 2018 FOSS4G as a speaker. She has successfully promoted OSGeo software actively both at work (at the Geographic and Hydrographic Institute of Madagascar,) and giving lectures at the University. She is leading the creation of the Madagascar Chapter (still to be confirmed as official). María Arias de Reyna
3 Astrid Emde Germany It is my great pleasure to nominate Astrid Emde for re-election at the OSGeo Board of Directors. Astrid was the winner of the 2018 Sol Katz Award for her leadership and longtime efforts in the OSGeo and FOSSGIS communities. Astrid is a very active member of OSGeo for many years, she is currently the OSGeo Secretary and she is a PSC member of the Mapbender and OSGeoLive projects. Astrid relentlessly promotes OSGeo by organizing community events, code sprints, workshops on a variety of OSGeo software, and documentation/translation. Astrid is also a leading member of our Marketing Committee. Angelos Tzotsos
4 Helena Mitasova USA It is my great pleasure to nominate Prof. Helena Mitasova for re-election at the OSGeo Board of Directors. Helena was the winner of the 2010 Sol Katz Award for her long standing contribution to the OSGeo Foundation and FOSS4G communities. Helena is a Professor at the Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and the Center for Geospatial Analytics, North Carolina State University in Raleigh. She has participated in the GRASS GIS development since 1991 and co-authored the first book on GRASS GIS. Helena has served OSGeo as a Vice-President for the last 2 years and she is one of the driving force behind the Geo4All initiative. Her deep insight in area of Education and Research will help to strengthen our outreach. Further, her invaluable experience on the present OSGeo board will also be an asset. Angelos Tzotsos