Budget 2006-2007

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This is a collection of budget ideas submitted by random folks. It is not an official bugdet of OSGeo.

All items indicated in US dollars.

Item Description Min Max
Accounting Accounting service $2000 $5000
Audit Outside Audit $1000 $3000
Bank Charges wire fees, service chargers, etc $50 $400
Promotional Materials printed materials, give-away swag $3000 $10000
Booth one easily shippable booth $5000 $9000
Promotional Travel travel, hotels, fees for travels to conferences $5000 $15000
Executive Director
Salary Full time senior staffer $90000 $120000
Benefits Medical, Insurance, DSL, etc. $15000 $20000
Travel travel and entertainment $30000 $30000
Conference Reserve Upfront costs for 1000 person conference $100000 $100000
OSGeo Binary Distribution
Binary Distribution Half developer-year to seed $50000 $50000
Project Infrastructure
Sys admin services Half sys admin year $50000 $50000
Hosting with performance guarantees $10000 $10000