Building MapGuide on CentOS 5

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User account

If you have just installed the OS, be sure to create a user account for yourself from root:

adduser <username>
passwd <username>

Add yourself to the sudoer list from root:

visudo # (add your entry after root "<username> ALL=(ALL)  ALL", at about line 77)

Logout of root, and log in as yourself.

=System development tools and libraries

Install system development tools (as root via su):

yum install gcc*
yum install subversion* expat* libtool* automake* bison* flex doxygen libjpeg-devel libpng libpng-devel

Sun Java

A Sun Java Development Kit is required. The plain package is fine, no need for NetBeans or Java EE. You can download the JDK from Detailed installation instructions are found at (follow the instructions for "Sun JDK 1.6").

Download source

Download the source code for FDO-3.3.1 and MapGuide-2.0.2:

svn checkout fdo-3.3.1
svn checkout mapguide-2.0.2