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A local region based chapter of OSGeo on the west coast of the United States. California is home to Silicon Valley, some of the top Public Research/Teaching Universities and some very large industries.


(Proposed) To promote the use and development of open source geospatial software in California.

Objectives & Goals

  • Influence Professional Groups
    • Give Presentations to groups with an interest in Open Geospatial and/or Public Geodata (see list of available speakers)
    • Demonstrate diplomacy and interoperability of the OSGeo stack with other solutions(Free or Not) through our activities.
    • Represent OSGeo via booths, literature and presentations at academic and professional conferences in the Western US
  • Development of OSGeo
    • Maintain of list of local groups and events throughout California


We have an California Chapter Exhibition Pack, see the page for details if you want to use it.


Based on our fund raising efforts we will determine what our Budget will allow use to do. The goal for 2009 is $1500.


(In Date Order)

  • AAG 2009 (Mar) - Las Vegas -
  • CGS 2009 (May) - Santa Ynez - Always in California, small cheap, outreach to grade schools and non-profits.
  • Where 2.0 2009 (May) - San Jose, CA- Paul Ramsey will join us.
  • AGU 2009 (Dec) - SF - It's always in California


  • AAG 2010 April 2010, Washington, D.C. - California members will probably be there to volunteer


  • CalGIS 2009 April 7-9 Sacramento - Booth was too expensive($800 for booth), Berkeley GIF Lab talked about QGIS
  • Inaugural Meeting (Feb) of California Chapter
  • GIS Day 2008 - UC Berkeley GIF Lab, US EPA Region IX
  • OSBootCamp OSBootCamp 2008 - Open Source day at UC Berkeley
  • CGS 2008 - Booth at the Calfornia Geographical Society meeting in Chico.
  • 4H Workshop - Bill will be running a workshop at UC Davis for 4H high schoolers on GPS/GIS
  • AGU 2008 - Open Source Session at American Geophysical Union; San Francisco, CA


To be a member of the Chapter you simply need to state that by adding yourself to the list below.


Meetings will be held annually at minimum and as needed in between.


Cwhitney (Chris Whitney) - UC San Diego / NASA ISS EarthKAM

User:SunburnedSurveyor (Landon Blake) [A.K.A. - The Sunburned Surveyor]

User:Hollander (Allan Hollander)

cgs_bob (Bob Moskovitz)

Wildintellect (Alex Mandel) - UC Davis

David Bianco - US Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles

Matt Hancher - NASA Ames Research Center - interested in Bay Area local activities

Josh Livni Umbrella Consulting (San Francisco)

bwoodall (Bill Woodall) San Diego

Stacey Ellis - UC Davis

Michele Tobias - UC Davis

Mtreichler (Mike Treichler) - UC Davis

Tara Athan

Glennon (Alan Glennon) - spatial@ucsb

darkblue_b (Brian Hamlin) Berkeley

j03lar50n Joe Larson | Cal Fire - San Luis Obispo | Cal Poly - SLO Alumni

TheSteve0 Steve Citron-Pousty - ICF/Jones&Stokes, San Jose

osospdb Paul Bartsch| UC Santa Barbara| Cal Poly - SLO Alumni

Fund Raising and Accounts

See the California Chapter Fundraising page for more information on fundraising, donations, and the financial accounts for the California Chapter.

Geodata Access Award

See the Geodata Access Award page for more information on the annual award the California Chapter gives to a California organization in recognition of efforts to promote the free and open access to California GeoData.

Chapter Outreach Speakers

You can find information about California Chapter members that are willing to serve as volunteer speakers at local events on the Outreach Speakers page. This page includes a short biography for each speaker and a list of topics they would be willing to present.

Meeting Minutes

Visit this wiki page for more information about California Chapter meeting minutes.


Mailing List

The main arena for discuss events and ideas in California is the email list, please join. Mailing List Info Page (You subscribe to the mailing list at this page.)

Related Groups

For a list of local group contact information and events see California/Local

  • Bay Area User Group (Social) [1]

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California Open Source Links

California Open Source Working Group