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The California Chapter is a regional chapter of OSGeo on the west coast of the United States. California is home to Silicon Valley, some of the top public research/teaching universities and some very large industries. You can learn more about the California Chapter Mission and Objectives.


The California Chapter maintains a presence at geospatial conferences and events around the West Coast of the United States. It also organizes its own events, including an annual meeting.

You can learn more on the California Chapter Events Page.


To be a member of the Chapter you simply need to state that by adding yourself to our California Chapter Membership Page. You should also subscribe to our mailing list.

Marketing and Outreach

You can learn more about the California Chapter California Chapter Marketing marketing and outreach efforts, which include our Open Geospatial Data Award and our list of Outreach Speakers.


Please visit our California Chapter Links Page for a list of California links related to GIS and open source software.

Fund Raising and Accounts

See the California Chapter Fundraising page for more information on fundraising, donations, and the financial accounts for the California Chapter.

Mailing List

The main arena for discuss events and ideas in California is the email list, please join. Mailing List Info Page (You subscribe to the mailing list at this page.)