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We have an California Chapter Exhibition Pack, see the page for details if you want to use it.


Based on our fund raising efforts we will determine what our Budget will allow use to do. The goal for 2009 is $1500.. For 2010 the new focus is on getting several new sponsors for OSGeo in general which would create additional funds for support of chapter activities.


  • SCALE (February 22-24, 2013)



(Reverse Date Order, Most recent 1st)

  • OSCON 2009 July 20-24, San Jose, CA - State of OSGeo "Lightening Talk" was a hit!
  • Where 2.0 2009 May 20-21 - San Jose, CA- Paul Ramsey will join us.
  • USGS Open House 2009 May 16-17 - Menlo Park, we we're invited at CalGIS
  • CGS 2009 May 2 - Santa Ynez - Always in California, small cheap, outreach to grade schools and non-profits.
  • CalGIS 2009 April 7-9 Sacramento - Booth was too expensive($800 for booth), Berkeley GIF Lab talked about QGIS
  • AAG 2009 (Mar) - Las Vegas
  • Inaugural Meeting (Feb) of California Chapter
  • AGU 2008 - Open Source Session at American Geophysical Union; San Francisco, CA
  • GIS Day 2008 - UC Berkeley GIF Lab, US EPA Region IX
  • OSBootCamp OSBootCamp 2008 - Open Source day at UC Berkeley
  • CGS 2008 - Booth at the Calfornia Geographical Society meeting in Chico.
  • 4H Workshop - Bill will be running a workshop at UC Davis for 4H high schoolers on GPS/GIS

Missed Opportunities (May Recur)

OSGeo Chapter Annual Meetings

Meetings will be held annually at minimum and as needed in between.


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