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Call for OSGeo Journal Reviewers

Attention OSGeo Community! We need your help. Please list yourself below if you are willing to be an anonymous peer reviewer for OSGeo peer reviewed papers. Please list your areas of expertise in parentheses and create an external link to your personal contact information web page. Journal reviewers will be asked to review papers that fit within their expertise areas and with which they have no direct conflict of interest. Generally this means that the reviewer is not a coauthor or funding source for the paper. Beyond this, please use your own judgment as to when it is appropriate to self eliminate yourself as a reviewer. Indeed, it is hoped that rather than simply accepting all review requests, you will also suggest alternative reviewers who might be willing and qualified. In this way, it is hoped that the following list will grow rapidly to include a large community of willing and able reviewers for this journal.

List of Reviewers

Note: This list is not comprehensive and it is likely that any particular manuscript will be reviewed by some combination of individuals on this list and others who are willing to review, but prefer not to be listed. If you are a new reviewer, please consider listing yourself and your expertise below, perhaps in alphabetical order by surname.

  • Ames, Daniel - Acting Associate Editor, Peer Review (Hydrology, Modeling, MapWindow GIS, .NET Development)