Conference Committee 2010 Voting Process

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The OSGeo Conference Committee will use the following process to vote on the FOSS4G2010 hosting proposals:

Ranking the Submissions

OSGeo conference committee members must rank the 4 candidates in order of preference (from 1 to 4, where 1 is the most preferred).

Submitting your Vote

OSGeo conference committee members must email their rankings in a private email to Jeff McKenna by Friday December 19th (exact time)

Aggregating the Rankings

The committee members' individual rankings will be combined by using a form of the preferential ballot system, called Instant-runoff Voting. Here is the process:

  1. All ballots are counted as one vote for the top choice given.
  2. If a candidate holds a majority (more than half) of the active ballots, a winner is found. (No further elimination can change the top candidate.)
  3. Otherwise a candidate in last place is eliminated. If there is an exact tie for last place in numbers of votes, the candidate from among those tied with fewest first choices is eliminated.
  4. After elimination, the votes are recounted as one vote for the highest-ranked choice on the ballot which has not been eliminated. (If a ballot has all its ranked candidates eliminated, it is called exhausted and it can no longer be counted towards any candidate. Note that this cannot occur where all candidates are numbered.)
  5. The runoff process above is repeated (back to 2) until a winner is found.

Announcing the Committee Results

The winner of the committee's voting process will be announced on the conference-dev mailing list on December 19th.

Board Approval

The OSGeo Board of Directors must approve the committee's decision before it can become official. Board members will be informed of the committee's decision on December 19th, and they will then discuss the approval of the decision through the board mailing list.