Conference Committee F2F 2016

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Suggested agenda and notes for a face to face meeting of the Conference Committee, interested members of the OSGeo Board and any others with an interest in the call for proposals for FOSS4G 2018

The date/time of the meeting is to be agreed by means of a doodle poll. Now confirmed for 16.00 to 17.00 local time on Thursday 25th September. Room to be confirmed

Please feel free to add topics or comment on topics in advance of the meeting (indicate who is making the edit)


  • Confirm that 2018 will be "rest of the world"
  • Discuss financial expectations
    • Pricing
    • Free passes
    • Desired surplus or expectations
    • OSGeo Guarantee
  • Relationship with 3rd parties
  • Event structure/facilities
    • Catering
    • Party
    • Gifts
  • Review CfP papers and timetable
  • Membership of Conference Committee (this is a long outstanding topic which we may wish to discuss before the voting for 2018 commences)
  • Paid coordinator role - should one be introduced? (Suggested by Cameron)
    • A regular feature in "Lessons Learned" is volunteer burn out, and lack of experience carried from one FOSS4G to the next. This in part has been mitigated by FOSS4G global events being selected in locations where FOSS4G regional events have already been tested. So question is: Should OSGeo sponsor a person or organisation to act as "FOSS4G supporter" who has the role of collating FOSS4G knowledge and sharing it from one event to the next, paid out of the profits of FOSS4G events?
  • AOB