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The OSGeo Journal is an international journal with content and production by volunteers. English is not the first language of all contributors. Even for those who write English as a first language, it is from Canada, USA, Australian, New Zealand, UK, and other various locations with localized differences.


Produce OSGeo Journal Volumes with a professional appearance.


This is the process in use currently. Feel free to revise.

  1. Wait until the Journal has been assembled and is in near beta form
  2. Read the Master.pdf checking:
    1. Grammar
    2. Consistency of dialect (at least within each article)
    3. Consistency of layout (headings, orders, colors, sizes, fonts, inclusion of logos/maps, etc)
    4. Consecutive page numbers
    5. Correct dates
  3. Spell check, either source files in Scribus or the pdf in AbiWord
  4. Make all corrections in source files
  5. Notify Journal mailing list that the first round of copy editing has been finished along with a report (mainly if there are unresolved issues that need input from original authors or there are corrections that you don't know how to complete in the source files)