Developing Geospatial Solutions using Open Source

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This is one of the three books identified by the Education and Curriculum Committee that should be written. The other books are Using Open Source GIS and Developing Web Mapping Solutions Using Open Source.

Approach for writing this book

Using the application categories from we'll gather problems or use cases, maybe divide them into subproblems, and describe how they can be solved using the free tools.

The tools are programming languages, libraries, command line tools, and customizable applications.

GPS related

  • Problem: Share GPS data between applications
    • Subproblem: Parse GPX
    • Explanation: GPX is an XML application for GPS data. Parsing gives us the GPS data.
  • Problem:
    • Subproblem: GeoTag Media
    • Explanation:
  • Problem:
    • Subproblem: Track logs
    • Explanation:

Use case Description Perl Ruby Python
Parse GPX What is GPX? Perl based solution Ruby based solution PyGPX
GeoTag Media RDFWeb (original geoloc_media) Ruby? Python?
Track logs Geo::Track::Log Ruby Python


  • Problem: Convert between WGS84 and local projections
  • Problem: Convert from lat+long to easting and northing, as used on printed maps
Use case Description Perl Ruby Python
Change between projections MySociety Code
Convert from lat+long to easting+northing