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There is a need for a "download server" for OSGeo that provides for bulk downloads of software.

We are hesitant to handle this on our primary server hosted by Peer1 because of the risk of exceeding our bandwidth allotment and getting charged a lot extra. For that reason the download server is being hosted on a telascience blade. Telascience has extensive bandwidth and is not charging OSGeo for it.


For now the blade is being used as a download server.

  • It is known as "", and is configured to respond to that.
  • The downloadable tree is found in /osgeo/download on the server.
  • The virtual host declaration is found in /etc/httpd/conf.d/sites/
  • Logs are in /etc/httpd/logs/download_access_log and /etc/httpd/logs/download_error_log.

Access Log Viewer

To maintain/view the Apache access logs of download server, awstats has been installed on the server. Logs can be seen by visiting The details of awstats installation are

  • awstats version 6.6-1 installed using rpm
  • application root dir /usr/local/awstats/
  • location of cgi executable /usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/
  • site configuration file /etc/awstats/ (create such file for any other host to be added in future)
  • Data dir (dir where stats data is stored) /osgeo/download/logs
  • Updation is done daily 1am (server time) using a cronjob by executing /osgeo/scripts/ (to add more sites in future, add entry to this script)


It is intended that each interested project should have a directory under /osgeo/download with appropriate permissions so a project member can manage the subdirectories and files. Scp, or sftp can be used to bring files onto the server. Someone from each project will need a shell account on the server.

Any administrator can create new project directories, and chown them to a project representative.

Contact Frank Warmerdam for overall configuration questions or about problems.

End Users

End users should be referred to downloads similarly to:

Directory indexing is left on so requesting a directory will give a file list.

FTP Service

There is FTP service configured on the OSGeo download server blade. The FTP access is served by vsftpd - secure and fastest FTP server for UNIX-like systems.

The vsftpd daemon configuration includes as minimal set of options turned on as possible:

  • anonymous only access
  • root directory: /osgeo/download
  • no access for local users
  • no write, mkdir or upload privileges
  • session owned by non-privileged user (there has been created a dedicated local user)
  • custom banner message: Welcome to OSGeo Foundation FTP service.
  • maximum number of connected clients: 50
  • maximum number of connections per IP address: 2
  • user and group identifiers in are hidden from directories listings, and replaced with ftp


  • We might consider some sort of rsync ability for updating, or mirroring from the service.
  • There is only 10GB of free disk space on this blade, and in general the telascience blades have rather limited disk space, so these systems offer limited scalability for the amount of software available.