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There is a need for a "download server" for OSGeo that provides for bulk downloads of software.


The download container on osgeo7, ssh via (requires SSH key) Refer to SAC_Service_Status Download Container

  • It is known as "", and is configured to respond to that.
  • The DNS name also points to it.
  • The downloadable tree is found in /osgeo/download on the server. (mirrored at
  • The virtual host declaration is found in /etc/nginx/sites-available
  • Logs are in /var/log/nginx


It is intended that each interested project should have a directory under /osgeo/download with appropriate permissions so a project member can manage the subdirectories and files. Scp, or sftp can be used to bring files onto the server. Someone from each project will need their LDAP OSGeo Userid shell enabled, for ssh/scp access.

Any administrator can create new project directories, and chown them to a project representative.

End Users

End users should be referred to downloads similarly to:

Directory indexing is left on so requesting a directory will give a file list.


The /osgeo/download area is exported for anonymous rsync read access as a module named "download". The following can be used to pull a local copy of the gdal data tree for instance:

rsync -av .

This is controlled by the rsync configuration file at /etc/rsyncd.conf. It is possible that rsyncd will not automatically restart on reboot in which case "rsyncd --daemon" as root may be necessary to start it.


Some projects using Maven as their build tool require webdav in order to work. There is a standalone webdav in nginx setup for geoserver/geotools use using a htpasswd file in /etc/nginx/auth/geotools


Nightly backups of the /osgeo/download tree are managed using rsync to /mirror/rsync/ on by root's crontab. /home/other_backups/download directory by a nightly cronjob, and this mirror is available at the url and if needed (NOTE: that rsync does not delete file on, if they were removed from

There is a weekly backup of the whole download container backed up as stopped container on osgeo4 and called download-backup.