EGU DataHelpDesk 2020

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EGU Data Help Desk 2020


This page collects all relevant OSGeo-related aspects, tasks, ressources and stakeholders for the Data Help Desk.

External Ressources


  • Peter Löwe
  • Maxi Cannata
  • yournamehere


  • Presentations about the OSGeo organisation (e.g. people and conferences) (and how it ties into Open Science) (tbd: List of such presentations which already exist)
  • Presentations about OSGeo projects (e.g. software tools, open data), especially OSGeo Live (tbd: List of such presentations which already exist)
  • Handouts: OSGeo live postcards/stickers (with download link) ) OSGeo live DVDs/ Thumbdrives ?, stickers, flyers, <whatsmissing?>
  • Small posters (A4 sized ?) with QR codes for download options or additional information ?
  • Booth attendance (answering questions, taking notes, referring to other experts)
  • Booth parties ("QGIS get-together, etc. ?")