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This section is intended as the main starting point for all Education and Curriculum Committee activities. The work program is divided into work on developing data packages; development of OSGeo educational materials; work on certification of external educational materials, courses and curricula; and on other matters.




Books and tutorials

There is a need to decide on a format for developing edu materials. The format should be text-based and thus suitable for use in SVN or CVS. Images should be stored separately from the text. We also need a server for hosting the projects. LaTeX?


These would preferably be backed up by free and open books.

  • Develop an Intro to open source GIS course that could be offered as a distance-learning class: Introduction to FOSS GIS
  • Develop an Intro to open source web GIS course that could be offered as a distance-learning class: Introduction to Web GIS
  • Collect links to and descriptions of free educational materials that advance the goals of OSGeo: Educational Resources
  • Create installation packages for class-room teaching and distance learning courses. Work with Distribution Special Interest Groups
  • Develop teaching materials (labs, tutorials, datasets, self-learning packages) that are aligned with existing curricula and courses.
  • Develop HOWTO's for educators and students, e.g., "This task can be performed with GRASS this way, this one with mapserver this way", etc.
  • Develop pre-prepared curricula utilizing open coursework and tools that could be used by teachers in their own classes.
  • Compile a FAQ with answers for educators.
  • Develop phased coursework (short, medium, and long term). Note the work done by, e.g. Geo-Consortium and GDF Hannover

Translation portal




  • Prepare and coordinate preparation of research papers about FOSS4G
  • Link to research projects using and developing GFOSS: OSGeo in Research
  • Support researchers in their usage of GFOSS
  • Start and support research projects that develop GFOSS
  • Start and support research projects that help GFOSS developers

Other matters

  • Get involved in existing initiatives to make sure that they fairly consider open source solutions.
  • The Core Curriculum Project page contains the initial brainstorming data.