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Please provide information on your educational content, use the searchable Educational Content Inventory Catalogue.

Important note: None of the content is considered "official" OSGeo material, and none of it has been peer-reviewed by anyone affiliated with OSGeo. At this juncture, we are simply trying to inventory educational material that is available through our participant community. Anything of interest to the OSGeo education community is welcome.

Training providers

2011-2012 Initiatives

  • EU - COST workshop, possibly March (add your name below if interested in participating in planning/proposal effort)
    • Ari Jolma
    • Massimiliano Cannata (Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana)
    • Markus Neteler
    • Maria Brovelli (Milan)
    • Rafael Moreno (Dept of Geography and Environmental Studies, U of Colorado, Denver)
    • Suchith Anand (University of Nottingham)
    • Charlie Schweik (UMass Amherst)
    • Lluis Vicens (SIGTE -GIS & Remote Sensing Service-, University of Girona)
    • Helena Mitasova (North Carolina State University)
    • Micha Silver (Arava Drainage Authority, Israel)
    • others?
  • US workshop (possibly May) (add your name below if interested in participating in planning/proposal effort)
    • Tyler Mitchell
    • Phil Davis (GeoTech Center)
    • Charlie Schweik (UMass Amherst)
    • Mike Krimmer (Northern Virginia Community College)
    • Tom Mueller (California University of Pennsylvania
    • Helena Mitasova (North Carolina State University)
    • Ned Horning (American Museum of Natural History)
    • Others?
  • Virtual meeting topics for discussion
    • COST proposal
      • (from Ari's email) The proposal needs a right scope and domain. Domain could be "Earth System Science and Environmental Management" (I could find one GIS related action) or "Information and Communication Technologies" (I could not find any actions directly related to FOSS - which may tell something or not). The proposal needs a main objective. The objective could be for example "enhance academic relevance/use/usability of existing free and open source geospatial (FOSS4G) software and develop methods and workflows for increasing the impact and exploitation of FOSS4G emerging from academia". That could perhaps have the right span.
      • There's "Jornades de SIG Lliure" in Girona March 21-23 and, although it is in Spanish and Catalan, perhaps we could use that for a workshop and meeting(?).
    • Content/scope of EU and US workshops