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* See the official list of [http://www.osgeo.org/charter_members Charter Members] as of 2012.
* See the official list of [http://www.osgeo.org/charter_members Charter Members] as of 2012.
* Full details of the [[New Membership Process]].
* Full details of the [[Membership Process]].
* The [[New Member Nominations 2012]] provide an illustration.
* The [[New Member Nominations 2012]] provide an illustration.
* The role of the [[Chief Returning Officer]].
* The role of the [[Chief Returning Officer]].

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The 2013 OSGeo the Charter Members election will take place in July 2013, followed by the Board nominations and elections in August so that new board members have a chance to meet face-to-face at FOSS4G in Nottingham, UK in September.

Charter Member Election

As every year we are electing new Charter Members into the Foundation.

Nominate new Charter Members: 2013-07-09 to 2013-07-23 (2 weeks)

  • Please confirm with the nominated person first!
  • Please email cro@osgeo.org with their name, contact email and paragraph describing why you are recommending this person as a Charter Member
  • Please also feel free to cc: the nomination to the OSGeo discussion list - discuss@lists.osgeo.org - so the community can be nudged along and have a sense of what is going on.
  • The list of nominees will be compiled at: New Member Nominations 2013

Nominated Member Introductions

  • During the period between a nomination and the start of the election, charter member nominees are encouraged to introduce themselves on the OSGeo discussion list (discuss@lists.osgeo.org).

Vote for new Charter Members: 2013-07-25 to 2013-08-01 (1 week)

  • Only Charter Members are eligible to vote!
  • Please email cro@osgeo.org with a list up to 30 lines long and one name per line.
  • You can vote for 30 different people, or the same person 30 times, or any balance in between.

Final Status: 2013-08-02

  • As per OSGeo bylaws we are free to add between 10% and one third of the existing charter membership. With 144 existing members in 2012 this means between 14 and 48 new members.
  • The new charter members for 2013 are (in alphabetical order):
    1. First name, Name (Country)

Board Election

Nominate new Board Members - 2013-08-03 - 2012-08-20 (2 weeks+)

  • Please confirm with the person that they would like to stand for election as a Board member.
  • Email a nomination, consisting of name, current country of residence and a paragraph describing why you think this person would make a good Board member, to cro@osgeo.org by 23:59 (your time zone) on Tuesday 20 August 2013
  • Remember that only Charter Members of OSGeo are eligible for a seat on the Board
  • The final list will be collected at Board Member Nominations 2013

Vote for new Board Members - 2013-08-23 - 2013-09-06

  • Only Charter Members are eligible to vote.
  • Choose from Board Member Nominations 2013 list.
  • Email cro@osgeo.org with a list of names up to 3 lines long (one vote per board slot).
  • You can cast up to 3 votes, for 3 different people. Multiple votes for one person will be counted as one vote!
  • Voting closes at 23:59 (your timezone) 6 September 2013.
  • Results will be posted at Board Election 2013 Results on 7 September 2013.
  • Contact cro@osgeo.org with questions.